Apr 05 2014

12 Critical Steps in Creating A Child Safe Environment….

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Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ!

Please join us for the next Church Security Round Table meeting to be held on Thursday, May 22, 2014, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (includes one hour lunch break)  at:

5 Point Church 
1600 E Main St,
Easley, SC 29640
Office: (864) 850-0580
Cost is $50.00 per person
To make reservations, contact: Church Security 360 Degrees, L.L.C. at (678) 446.8859 or rodneypires@me.com.
The purpose of this training workshop is to discuss the 12 Critical Steps in Creating a Child Safe Environment for the prevention, elimination or mitigating against civil litigation pertaining to safety and security issues of children & youth.  Jesus places a high priority on our children.  Recent crime statistics reflect an increase of child related crimes many taking place in our house of worship!  Over 555,000 to 1.6 million children are sexually abuse each year in the United States alone.  
Let me ask you this question, “What steps have you taken to ensuring the safety and security of children and youth in your church?” If you’re like the majority of churches, or faith based preschools the answer is “minimum.”  Many churches boast that they conduct Criminal Background Checks on all employees and volunteers or have policies in place that prevent volunteers working with children or youth unless they have been active members of the church for a minimum of six months.  Others boast that the have a “Check-In” system that records and identifies children and prevents children from being given to the wrong person and have instituted and enforce the two-adult rule.  Perhaps, you even have installed cameras (CCTV) or card access into the Preschool or Children’s Ministry areas to prevent unauthorized access.
Having taken these measures helps reduce the risk of  child abuse and provides a layer of safety, but barely scratches the surface in providing a safe environment for the physical and emotional well being of  children participating in church programs.  Children should be fully protected so they can survive, grow, learn and develop to their fullest potential.  Many children attending our churches and Weekday Early Education programs today, are not fully protected.  God Almighty, state and federal laws, holds organizations responsible for preventing our children from being victims of crime, or preventable hazards.   Every organization must take a comprehensive 360 degree approach towards ensuring child safety and protecting employees, volunteers and organization from criminal or civil litigation. 
Rod Pires, a leading expert on church safety and security will be discussing in detail the 12 Critical Steps to Creating a Child Safe Environment.  Rod’s comprehensive 360 degree approach to safety and security has made him one of the leading authorities in church safety and security.   Rod draws from his 35 years of experience in national and international security and his former position as Chief of Security for First Baptist Atlanta and In Touch Ministry.  This entire training session is focused on issues and matters which will help protect our children and youth entrusted to us by God.  It’s not about being in compliance with state and federal laws, it’s about doing what’s right because we love our children and we are servants of the King of Kings!   We invite you to attend this training session with an open mind, heart, and a teachable spirit.  Remember, the safety and security of our children and youth is one of our highest responsibility!
This training is designed for Pastors, Church Administrators, Directors of Weekday Preschools, Children’s and Student Ministry .  Only exact cash or checks with be accepted at the door.  No credit cards will be accepted.  You can secure your reservation is advance by contacting Church Security at (678) 446.8859 or rodneypires@me.com.  Please make checks out to: Church Security 360 Degrees, LLC.  Checks maybe mailed in advance to the following mailing address:
Church Security 360 Degrees, LLC
543 Augusta Drive
Canton, GA 30115 
See you May 22, 2014!
You may view a short bio of Mr. Rod Pires  experience and education by going to: watchmansecurityconsulting.com, and clicking on tab at the top of the page entitled “About Us”. 
This training will not be repeated again at this price!



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